Warehouse in Zambia.The SA Trade Hub’s Warehouse Receipts Systems technical team traveled to Lusaka, Zambia, to deliver five-days of technical support for the launch of the newly developed IT platform for the ZAMACE Warehouse Receipts System (WRS). Technical experts participating included an AppSolve IT program engineer, an insurance and investment advisor, and a warehouse receipts specialist.

The Zambian WRS IT platform was designed by AppSolve SA using similar technology to the Mozambique WRS, and forms the basis for the official Gateway for ZAMACE to launch and issue electronic warehouse receipts through their website. Five intensive working sessions were held with leading WRS stakeholders including the Grain Traders Association, the banking, finance, and insurance industries, and the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU).

Insurance opportunities connected to WRS were presented by SA Trade Hub expert, Emile Matthee, utilizing the African Trade Insurance (ATI) model currently being developed in Malawi. This model offers great potential to grow the Commodities Exchange over time due to the large commercial agricultural base in Zambia. The ZNFU, possessing over 600,000 members (of which 66,000 are banked) provided constructive input and indicated their interest to implement warehouse receipts as soon as possible.

Photo: Warehouse in Zambia.


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