Despite abundant renewable energy resources in Southern Africa such as solar, small hydro, biomass, wind geothemal and biofuels, clean energy streams have yet to be fully developed in the region. Currently, clean energy sources contribute less than 1% to the total energy mix. The Trade Hub is promoting greater private sector participation in clean energy generation by helping to strengthen regional capacity for regulating the clean energy sector by working with the Regional Electricity Regulators Association of Southern Africa (RERA), national energy regulators and government departments of energy, particularly in Zambia and Swaziland. Read more

CEZambia is endowed with a wide range of energy resources, particularly solar, biomass, hydro and other renewable sources that are still largely untapped. Renewable energy development has the potential to help meet growing demand for electricity. However, public and investor support and understanding of the renewable energy potential of the country would benefit from more publicity on the importance of renewable energy.

ERBOn February 17, 2016, USAID/Zambia handed over to Zambia’s Energy Regulation Board a package of final documentation for the Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff (REFIT) developed by USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub. The REFIT mechanism includes REFIT Guidelines and Rules, a standardized Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and Generation License, Grid Connection Agreement Guidelines, and a Grid Connection Agreement.

US Embassy to South Africa Counselor for Economic AffairsOn February 18, 2016, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub formally handed over the new regulatory training curriculum it has developed over the past few months to the Regional Electricity Regulators Association of Southern Africa (RERA) during a ceremony hosted by the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA).

Encourage Renewable Energy Investments in ZambiaDuring the week of January 24-29, 2016, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub met with leading energy sector stakeholders, conducted interviews, visited renewable energy sites, and took video footage throughout Lusaka. The initiative is designed to support better public understanding of clean energy resources and promote investor interest in renewable energy opportunities in Zambia.

Renewable Energy Feed-in-Tariff (REFIT) workshopUSAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub continues to assist the Zambia Energy Regulation Board (ERB) to develop and launch Renewable Energy Feed-in-Tariff (REFIT) to increase the usage of clean energy in the country. 


USAID Southern Africa’s Facebook page highlighting a Trade Hub video on the COMACO grant supporting 40,000 peanut farmersThe first in a series of Facebook posts highlighting short promotional videos produced by USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub went live during the week of January 4, 2016 on

Angela Kabuswe from USAID/Zambia, Agnes Banda Piri from the Energy Regulation Board, and Trade Hub consultant Penny Ndlela during consultations in Lusaka, ZambiaDuring the week of December 1-4, 2015, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub responded to a request from USAID/Zambia to work with Zambian energy sector stakeholders on a communications strategy to promote investment in renewable energy generation in Zambia.

Swaziland Minister of Energy Jabulile Mashwama discusses the status of the Renewable Energy and Independent Power Producers Policy in Swaziland with Trade Hub Clean Energy Director Alexander Filippov at the mini-exhibition during RERA’s Annual Conference

From November 23-27, 2015, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub took part in the 14th Annual Conference of the Regional Association of Electricity Regulators (RERA), which was held in Mbabane, Swaziland.

Alexander Filippov, Trade Hub Clean Energy Director (far left), Elijah Sichone, RERA Executive Secretary (second from left), Paseka Nku, RERA Chairperson (third from left), Gloria Magombo, RERA PCCBIS Chairperson (fourth from left) and other members of PCCBIS at a meeting in Blantyre, Malawi in September 2015On September 19, 2015, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub presented a draft curriculum methodology and selected training modules during a meeting with RERA’s Portfolio Committee on Capacity Building and Information Sharing (PCCBIS) in Blantyre, Malawi.

Final REFIT Workshop in ZambiaUSAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub and the Zambian Energy Regulation Board (ERB) joined private sector companies and civil society organizations on September 22, 2015 in Lusaka to mark the final stages in the development of Zambia’s Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff (REFIT) mechanism.

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