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Trade Hub Presents at USAID Training Workshop on Gender-based Violence and Infrastructure

Banyan Global, part of the implementation team for USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub, delivered a presentation during the USAID Infrastructure Projects panel at the 2015 USAID Infrastructure Workshop held in Washington DC from December 14-18, 2015. 

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Promoting Women’s Engagement in Local, Regional, and International Trade

From September 28-30, 2015, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub and partner organization Banyan Global participated in the 30th SEEP Network Annual Conference entitled, “Inclusion and Resilience: The Next Challenge” in Arlington, Virginia.

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Trade Hub Appointed to Two SADC-EU Steering Committees

On September 17, 2015, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub participated in the SADC Regional Economic Integration Support Programme (REIS) and SADC Trade Related Facility (TRF) Steering Committee meetings in Gaborone, Botswana. The role of the steering committees is to evaluate and recommend applications from Member States for support under the two programs. 

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Persuasive Communications for AWEP Members

The SA Trade Hub held a Persuasive Communication and Negotiation Training from August 18-19, 2015 in Lusaka, Zambia. The training was made available to members of the African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program- Zambia (AWEP). 

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Two-Day Communications Course to Help Women Entrepreneurs in Botswana and Zambia

USAID’s Southern African Trade Hub has developed a two-day Persuasive Communication and Negotiation Training for women business owners and entrepreneurs in Southern Africa in collaboration with renowned persuasive communications expert Dr. Barbara Tannenbaum, whose clients include Microsoft, Google, and high profile American politicians.

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