Mozambique Gender IntegrationAs part of the Southern Africa Trade Hub’s Strategic Partnership Grant to restore soil composition and fertility and livelihood enhancement through crop rotation in Manica Province, Mozambique, the Trade Hub hosted a four-day Gender Training Workshop for farmers engaged in grant implementation. The training took place in Chimoio, Mozambique May 4-7 and was attended by leader farmers and seed multipliers coming from four districts in Manica Province.

Training promoted the use of gender sensitive and participatory approaches in the implementation of the Strategic Partnership Grant activities in the soy and groundnut value chains to improve food security and achieve sustainable and equitable development. The preliminary results of the gender analysis of groundnut and soy value chain implemented in April 2015 in Manica Province were also presented and discussed. Finally, training participants developed a district gender action plan for 2015 with clear gender-related objectives, activities and time frame.

Based on evaluation forms completed by the participants, 100% of participants felt the workshop inspired new ideas and ways of thinking regarding gender in agricultural value chain development.By the workshop’s conclusion, most participants requested further training to become gender animators in their communities.

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