Photo: Harvested seed from a seed multiplication field drying in the sunUSAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub is assisting the Seed Control and Certification Institute (SCCI) in Zambia to develop a new data management system which will enable seed companies to register seed growers online and receive their licenses by email from SCCI, improving the speed of registration and application. The system has been finalized and is being reviewed by the Trade Hub in preparation for its launch in August 2015.

Successful implementation of the new system will reduce private sector costs for certification and the corporate burden involved in accessing SCCI's services. With the implementation of the SADC Harmonised Seed Release (HSRS) protocol, it is expected that the private sector will increase investment where costs for participation are manageable and the responsible public authority is proactive. Zambia is the second largest exporter of seed maize, and the results of this intervention are expected to increase exports as the number of licensed growers increases, along with an increasing number of new varieties available.

Photo: Harvested seed from a seed multiplication field drying in the sun.


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