Farmer shows off WR received from the ETG in Chimoio, MozambiqueSA Trade Hub Warehouse Receipt System (WRS) specialists were recently in Chimoio, Mozambique to provide extension training to donor organizations including: CLUSA, TECHNOSERVE, and GAPI on the fundamentals of the Warehouse Receipt System pilot development. 

This activity forms part of the ‘roll-out ‘ phase following successful interventions at the Catandica warehouse site (with Cargill) and the Chimoio warehouse site (with ETG). The donor partners will conduct and developing awareness and outreach programs for farmer groups and traders about the WRS.

During the session the SA Trade Hub showcased a live on-line demo to access the web-based platform ( for the donor participants showing how to simply and easily access a warehouse receipt using Internet connectivity. The training session was well received by participants and many questions were asked regarding how to begin utilizing WRS. CLUSA and Technoserve provide agricultural extension programs to small-scale farmers in Manica Province who grow predominantly maize, soy, and groundnuts.

The SA Trade Hub’s partner, Banco de Oportunidade de Mozambique (BOM), provides the loan financing for Warehouse Receipts (WR) issued to farmers and traders in Mozambique. BOM is a commercial microfinance bank dedicated to supplying innovative and accessible financial services to help small businesses and women transform their lives and businesses. To date under the SA Trade Hub’s support and guidance, four warehouse receipts have been registered and issued through the pilot Warehouse Receipt System.

Photo: Farmer shows off WR received from the ETG in Chimoio, Mozambique

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