Screenshot of www.mozwarehouse.comWith the first “live” issuing and financing of a warehouse receipt (WR) on 28 May the software system – AfricaTradeApp – went from a demo environment to a live production environment in Mozambique. Although currently running two systems requires additional effort and cost, it is ideal for a continuous training and marketing environment.

Another import development to WRs is the addition of Portuguese as an option for users. Although not a requirement from inception, the addition of Portuguese makes a vast difference since it now opens up the system at all levels to a wider audience and larger market.

The website,, has also seen important
upgrades. Like the database software, it now caters to both English and Portuguese speakers. A “Progress Report” has been added under the General menu and minutes of meetings are now being uploaded. Additionally, training manuals can now be accessed as well. The menu for Required Documentation is also in the process of being populated. Going forward, in August, it is anticipated the ETG warehouses in Nampula and Gurue will go “live” with their Warehouse Receipt System (WRS).

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