Participants make a presentation during gender training in Chimoio, MozambiqueFrom July 22-25, 2015 the Southern Africa Trade Hub conducted a Gender Animation and Mobilization Training Workshop for a large number of farmers and producers involved in the soy and groundnut value chains in Chimoio, the capital of Manica Province, Mozambique. 

This was a follow-up activity to the gender analysis and gender awareness trainings conducted in April and May 2015. The objective of the workshop was to build the capacity of participants on gender and gender analysis using gender animation methodology. The workshop also provided participants with practical tools to act as gender “champions” in their communities to address key gender issues and overcome constraints.

Workshop participants were trained on basic gender concepts using practical, contextual gender examples. They then discussed and “unpacked” the gender challenges and obstacles faced by farmers in communities. Gender inequalities affect women’s participation throughout the entirety of the agriculture value chain. Participants identified gender equality challenges in their communities, including violence against women, property grabbing from widows, and the limited access to ownership of land, capital, and agriculture technology that plague women.

The training employed creative methodologies including drama, dancing, and group interplay to demonstrate common scenarios embodying gender inequality. Participants made commitments to be community gender champions and developed individual action plans detailing how they planned to fulfill their commitment. In order to change local attitudes and overcome constraints regarding gender roles, the participants pledged to use their gender training in their families, communities, farmers’ associations, and beyond to teach and raise awareness about the importance of gender equality. 

 Photo: Participants make a presentation during gender training in Chimoio, Mozambique