A grain dam at Cargill/ECA being filled with maizeDuring the week of September 14-18, 2015, USAID’s Southern Trade Hub visited with Strategic Partnership Grantees throughout Mozambique to coordinate grant program implementation. 

In Chimoio, the Trade Hub visited ETG, where increased and improved storage provided by a new warehouse facility will increase market access for smallholder farmers in Chimoio and the surrounding regions.

In Catandica, the Trade Hub toured the upgraded Cargill/ECA facility where 20 new grain dams have been constructed and filled with maize grain from this season. Cargill/ECA has already purchased 5,400 tons of maize grain this season and expects the total to rise to 6,800 tons in coming weeks. Due to this increased capacity, ECA will be extending their already extensive farmer network to over 3,000 farmers.

These farmers will receive training and extension services, as well as transportation to bring their grain to the Catandica facility. They will then have access to a newly initiated warehouse receipt system, also supported by the Trade Hub, which ensures farmers are able to receive the best price for their crop.

Photo: A grain dam at Cargill/ECA being filled with maize.


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