Trade Hub videographer Steve McDonald shooting the ETG Warehouse in Chimoio, MozambiqueFrom November 15-20, 2015, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub traveled to Beira, Chimoio, and Catandica in Mozambique to conduct site visits and interview partners and beneficiaries. The visit was designed to capture the impact of the Trade Hub’s technical assistance and strategic partnership grants with a series of short videos.

The team conducted interviews; visited storage warehouses, mills, farms, and laboratories; and held consultations with Interek, ECA, Cargill, Solidaridad, Banco Oportunidad de Mozambique, and USAID/Mozambique. The Trade Hub will produce four short videos showcasing the long-term impact of the strategic partnership grants, agricultural technical assistance, and the significant effect of aflatoxin mitigation and crop rotation training on value chain development.

The Trade Hub will also create a longer, integrated visual piece on the development and launch of the Warehouse Receipt System pilot program in Mozambique.

Photo: Trade Hub videographer Steve McDonald shooting the ETG Warehouse in Chimoio, Mozambique


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