Photo: USAID/Mozambique Mission Director Alex Dickie (right) and the Trade Hub's Brian McCotter in MaputoOn November 19, 2015, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub organized a year-end stakeholder meeting on the Warehouse Receipts System (WRS) at the USAID Mission in Maputo, Mozambique facilitated by the Banco Oportunidad de Mozambique (BOM) and hosted in conjunction with Amanda Fong and John Irons of USAID/Mozambique.

Key agriculture, financial, and donor stakeholders that participate in the WRS attended the meeting, including AppSolve—the IT company that designed the customized online system for the WRS using Oracle software, Export Trading Group, the Cooperative League of the USA, Cargill, and Bolsa Mercadorias de Mozambique (BMM). BMM is Mozambique’s government-supported commodities exchange, which is currently exploring how to pilot a warehouse certification program to boost liquidity and competition among small agricultural producers and traders.

During the meeting, the Trade Hub delivered a presentation on the achievements and obstacles related to the WRS pilot to date and officially introduced the Market Information System (MIS) IT platform to support the WRS pilot. The MIS collates information from field collection centers and from regional and international sources in order to keep storage sites, traders, financiers, and farmers better informed regarding price fluctuations, harvest yields, and available third party storage capacity. WRS partners have offered to supplement field data collection services to support MIS development in Mozambique.

Another noteworthy highlight of the meeting was AppSolve’s update on the Innovation Award that was presented to USAID and AppSolve by Oracle in San Francisco, California, in October for the adaptive software, which meets the low bandwidth and limited connectivity demands of the WRS in Mozambique and Zambia.

Photo: USAID/Mozambique Mission Director Alex Dickie (right) and the Trade Hub's Brian McCotter in Maputo


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