COMACO’s peanut butter line hopes to expand throughout the southern Africa regionThrough the grant, Ammtech established a 250kg per hour peanut butter processing plant at the COMACO premises in Chipata in the Eastern Province of Zambia. The plant improved the availability of fortified foods in the region and increased demand for raw groundnuts to feed the plant, guaranteeing a stable market for smallholder groundnut farmers. 

The grant is also supporting COMACO to achieve Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) status for its peanut butter production to gain access to regional export markets.


  • Produce peanut butter as fortified food for the market in Zambia and the region.
  • Provide increased market for groundnuts produced by smallholder farmers in the Eastern Province of Zambia.
  • Train smallholder farmers in post-harvesting handling techniques to mitigate aflatoxin contamination and to increase productivity.


  • Thousands of smallholder farmers (rural households), of which half are estimated to be women and women led households.

Results and Outcomes

  • The peanut butter roasting, milling, and bottling equipment purchased through the grant was delivered by Ammtech and commissioned in the third quarter of FY2015. As a result, COMACO has increased peanut butter production capacity threefold. With growing demand for the “It’s Wild” peanut butter across Zambia, COMACO hopes to begin exporting its popular products to South Africa and throughout the SADC region in 2016.


  • In Zambia and the surrounding region, many children under five suffer from chronic malnutrition. Peanut butter is increasingly recognized for its role in addressing malnutrition; however, in southern Africa demand exceeds supply. Ammtech is a high precision agricultural machinery manufacturer based in South Africa who is partnering through the grant with Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO), an agricultural venture based in Zambia, to produce peanut butter for the Zambian and regional markets and provide training services to smallholder farmers in Zambia’s Eastern Province.

 Photo: COMACO’s peanut butter line hopes to expand throughout the southern Africa region


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