Quality seed is important to food security and productivityThrough a Strategic Partnership grant from USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub with CASS and Agseeds Mozambique, a seed cleaning and conditioning plant is being installed to enable onsite seed multiplication. The seed produced will be marketed by agricultural development programs, private sector outgrowers, and through direct sales. CASS and its partners are providing market development, farmer training and technology support.


  • The activity will catalyze the production and distribution of certified seed for domestic and regional markets for groundnuts and soy.
  • It will also increase the capacity to pack bulk seeds into branded units of quantities usable by smallholders and increase CASS’s footprint into the region, particularly in Mozambique.
  • Access to high-quality certified seed is expected to result in higher yields and incomes for smallholder farmers and improved livelihoods for rural communities.


  • Smallholder producers of soy and groundnuts in Mozambique.

Results and Outcomes

  • CASS has begun implementation, including procurement of equipment and supplies as well as development of training manuals. Cleaning, sorting, and grading equipment has now been constructed and is being transported to Mozambique, with commissioning scheduled for mid-December 2015.


  • Mozambique currently has few large scale commercial ventures in its local seed industry and is almost entirely reliant on imports from neighboring countries. Due to the limited availability of certified groundnut and soy seed, farmers replant farm-saved seed. This reduces yields, food security, and on-farm incomes.

Photo: Quality seed is important to food security and productivity


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