Workers on the new Jungle Beat processing line in Lusaka, ZambiaDue to domestic market issues, groundnut production in South Africa has declined significantly in the last ten years. With its ideal climate and traditional knowledge of groundnuts, Zambia could make up South Africa’s shortfall all on its own. But due to high levels of aflatoxin contamination, many markets have been closed to Zambian groundnuts and the hundreds of thousands of households that grow them.

The Strategic Partnership Grant to Central African Seed Services (CASS) enabled Jungle Beat to obtain custom-made new cleaning, sorting, and grading equipment. CASS further assisted Jungle Beat to access markets for their groundnuts in South Africa through active marketing.


  • To improve the technical specifications of Zambian groundnuts for high end export markets.


  • Smallholder groundnut producers in Zambia.

Results and Outcomes

  • Aflatoxin reduction of Jungle Beat’s groundnuts to international standards.
  • With the installation of a new, efficient processing line made possible by the grant, Jungle Beat is now able to clean, sort, and grade four tons of groundnuts per hour at their Lusaka factory. This was enough for Jungle Beat to increase its purchase of groundnuts from its network of small-scale farmers for both local sales and to access export markets in southern Africa.
  • As a result of the grant, Jungle Beat sourced a US$1.8 million working capital loan from a local bank (with support from USAID’s Development Credit Authority) to increase purchasing capacity from 500 metric tons in the previous year to an estimated 1,500 metric tons per year.

  • Jungle Beat made significant additional investments to procure equipment from South Africa and further grow its business.

Photo: Workers on the new Jungle Beat processing line in Lusaka, Zambia



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