The 2015 Agritech Expo welcomed over 10,000 visitorsThe grant made the inaugural Agritech Expo in 2014 in Chisamba, Zambia possible and brought together the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) with Spintelligent, a professional events management service provider. Agritech Expo, the largest commercial agricultural show in Southern Africa outside of South Africa, is a business-to-business platform for farmers to converge in one arena, address key issues, discuss past and future projects, and exchange views on agriculture in the region. 

It is also the ideal live platform for vendors to showcase and demonstrate their products, technologies, machinery, and equipment directly to their target audience of commercial and small scale farmers.

The main objective of the grant was to launch the Agritech Expo Zambia and a number of specific aspects of the event, namely:

  • Development of a regional exhibitor/vendor program
  • Regional participation of emergent commercial farmers from the Feed-the-Future countries (Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia) through their farmers unions
  • Presentation of a farmer training workshop program

In the longer term, the grant resulted in a sustainable event that can access commercially-minded farmers efficiently and support agricultural technology and market access to improve agricultural productivity, incomes, and food security.


  • Commercial farmers who attended the Expo due to direct support.
  • Regional professional farmers who attended the Expo, participated in matchmaking meetings, and attended the training workshops.
  • SME technology providers who received USAID support to exhibit.

Results and Outcomes

  • Agritech Expo was attended by 7432 visitors, 168 delegates, and 107 exhibitors representing 19 countries. There were 9 crop, 10 farmer technology, and 7 irrigation zone demonstration plots.
  • Farmers received training during Agritech Expo from the Trade Hub-sponsored training program.
  • Spintelligent and ZNFU have signed a long term agreement for annual hosting of Agritech Expo. The 2015 Agritech Expo in Chisamba, Zambia, attracted 114 exhibitors and 10,740 visitors.

Photo: The 2015 Agritech Expo welcomed over 10,000 visitors



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