Processing equipment delivered to Lilongwe as a result of the grantIn Malawi, soy and groundnut crops sold on the domestic market are often of poor quality and do not meet export specifications as a result of poor post-harvest handling. There is a growing demand for soy in the region that is not being realized due to these quality concerns. The grant is enabling the installation of a sorting, grading, and cleaning plant in Malawi to address post-harvest handling challenges. 

The activity will help build confidence in the South African market for the purchase of soy and groundnuts from Malawi and increase market opportunities for these commodities. 


  • To improve the regional marketability of Malawian-produced soy and groundnuts by improving their quality, resulting in increased market access and improved prices paid to Malawian small-scale farmers.


  • Thousands of smallholder soy and groundnut farmers are expected to benefit from the project, of which 40% are targeted to be women farmers.

Results and Outcomes

  • The first round of equipment subsidized through the grant arrived at the Lilongwe facility on November 25, 2014 and was assembled. A crop marketing agreement is being worked out, and the grant activity will be completed in the first quarter of FY 2016.

Photo: Processing equipment delivered to Lilongwe as a result of the grant

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