branded Feed the Future-USAID video During the week of January 18, 2016, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub met with Jennifer Cupp, the USAID Digital Content and Engagement Lead for Feed the Future (FtF) Programs, in Washington, DC to review and deliver a set of the recently completed Southern Africa Trade Hub videos that have been officially Feed the Future co-branded with USAID.

The 12 short video shorts (roughly one minute each) were produced to highlight the Southern Africa Trade Hub’s successful strategic partnership grant program and specific agriculture projects in Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique. The videos tell the story of expanded product lines at peanut butter and chili sauce factories, the launch of the warehouse receipts system (WRS) that is helping to raise farmer incomes, reduction of the carcinogenic mold aflatoxin to improve peanut crops, and the introduction of certified laboratories to promote regional trade and increased agriculture production in Southern Africa.

Example of a Feed the Future Branded Video

The FtF branded videos will be uploaded via as well as and will be utilized by the Feed the Future team in Washington, DC and globally to promote the accomplishments delivered by USAID in Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique utilizing resources provided through the Feed the Future program.

Photo: An example of a jointly branded Feed the Future-USAID video from the Trade Hub can be seen at The video highlights the Trade Hub’s efforts to work closely with local organizations to combat aflatoxin and improve the safety and export of peanuts throughout the region

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