Grain Grading and Harmonization WorkshopOn January 22, 2016, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub collaborated with the Zambian Agricultural Commodities Exchange (ZAMACE) to host a stakeholder workshop and review a recent report that assessed grading and harmonization standards for grains and oilseeds in Zambia.

Fourteen organizations representing grain storage managers, oilseed processors and extractors, farmers unions, and feed stock producers attended the workshop and completed questionnaires distributed by the Trade Hub to solicit feedback on the report’s findings. Most participants suggested that South African grading standards should be used as a basis for reviewing the ZAMACE standards for maize, soy, and wheat grades. South African grading standards in grains and oilseeds are well-structured and recognized by the US, Europe and Latin America.

The implementation of harmonized grading standards across commodity exchange platforms such as the JSE, ZAMACE, and the Agricultural Commodity Exchange of Malawi (ACE) will encourage increased regional trade in staple crops, thereby improving food security in the region. The Trade Hub will collate feedback from participants into a progress report with recommendations.

Photo: Participants debated standardization of the national grading standards for grains and oilseeds through dialogue with stakeholders from the private sector and government

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