short film Through a Strategic Partnership Grant, USAID's Southern Africa Trade Hub worked with Vetlab to help create the first private ISO17025-accredited grain and oil seed laboratory service, including aflatoxin testing, in Zambia.

The venture created the first laboratory to be accredited with these services within SADC outside South Africa. Independent laboratory services are an important link in the regional agricultural value chains, enabling commodities exchanges to sustain reputable standards through which traders and buyers can settle disputes and arbitrate variances. The new laboratory services also encourage foreign investment and enable forward supply contracts to be secured through the exchange.

The direct beneficiaries of the grant are agribusiness sector and companies that require ISO17025-accredited laboratory services including feed manufacturers, poultry producers, food manufacturers, grain traders, millers, and dairy operators. Small farmers producing grain and oilseed crops will also benefit as increased trade is enabled within Zambia and regionally.

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Photo: Click on the photo above to watch a short film produced by USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub on the creation of the first private ISO17025-accredited grain and oil seed laboratory service in Zambia

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