lumonoOne of the Trade Hub's most effective initiatives has been the Strategic Partnership Grants program, which used small grants to catalyze business partnerships between South African agribusinesses and agribusinesses in the Feed-the-Future focus countries of Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique. 

These market linkages transferred technology, management expertise, finance, and investment from South Africa to neighboring countries with the goal of increasing intra-regional trade in soy, maize, and groundnuts. 

Over the life of the project, USAID's Southern Africa Trade Hub awarded and administered 18 Strategic Partnership Grants to private sector firms to promote investments in storage, improve production and trade in seeds, increase land use for soy production, provide lab testing services, and broaden linkages with small farmers.

One example is the Trade Hub’s work with small-scale farmers producing chili for Lumono Organic Farms, a fast-growing producer of chili sauce based in the Chongwe District in Zambia. Small scale vegetable-producing farmers in Zambia lack access to sustainable and reliable markets for their produce. Through a Strategic Partnership Grant from USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub, Zhauns (Pty) Ltd provided the necessary technology, equipment, and training for Lumono to upgrade its processing capacity and develop its chili sauce for export.

Photo: The Strategic Partnership Grant from the Trade Hub provided Lumuno with new equipment to increase production of its chili sauces. View this and other short videos at

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