In this edition:
  • ZAMACE Launch Commissioned by Zambia's Minister of Agriculture 
  • REFIT Procurement Workshop to increase Renewable Energy in Zambia
  • Trade Hub Supports Inaugural Annual Quality Awards in Zambia
  • Trade Hub Organizes High Level Meeting in Botswana for National Single Window
  • More Magic for African Apparel in the US

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In this edition:
  • President of Zambia Presents Award to USAID's Southern Africa Trade Hub
  • Launch of New Seed Variety in Swaziland Represents Triumph for Regional Integretion
  • Trade Hub Helps Launch the First National Equiry Point in Botswana
  • Promoting Women's Engagement in Local Regional and International Trade
  • Trade Hub Continues Support to National Single Window in Botswana, Malawi and Namibia
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In this edition:
  • Final Comprehensive Trade Facilitation Programme Delivered to SADC
  • Final REFIT Workshop Helps Bring Renewable Energy Investment to Zambia
  • First Ever Electronic Warehouse Receipt Issued in Zambia
  • Trade Hub Supports SADC Quality Awards Initiative
  • Trade Hub Supports Efforts to Expanda KZN Exports to US

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In this edition:
  • SADC SPS Strategy Handed Over to SADC in Gaborone
  • AGOA Forum in Gabon – Celebrating 15 Years of Growth
  • USAID/Mozambique Opens National Enquiry Point
  • Hub Concludes Assistance to Zambia Rural Energy Authority
  • Persuasive Communication Training for Women Entrepreneurs in Botswana and Zambia

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In this edition:
  • Trade Information Portal Launch in Namibia
  • Trade and Industry Policy Strategies Annual Forum 2015 Held in Johannesburg
  • First Term Sheet for Agricultural Storage Investment Facility Released in Malawi
  • Swaziland RE&IPP Policy Completed
  • Trade Hub Support for Export Promotion Yields Results

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In this edition:
  • Premier Textile and Apparel Event Takes Place in Cape Town
  • Warehouse Receipts System Launched in Mozambique
  • Policy Validation Workshop Makes Important Progress toward Increasing Renewable Energy in Swaziland
  • Establishing the Technical Working Group for Legal Review for the Malawi National Single Window
  • SADC and US Experts Exchange Views on Good Regulatory Practices

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In this edition:
  • Gender Mainstreamed in Implementation of Trade Hub Grants
  • Change Management Training Prepares Countries for National Single Window
  • Trade Hub Presents on Transit Solutions to Reduce the Cost of Trade at WCO IT Conference and Exhibition
  • SADCSTAN Website Supported by the Southern Africa Trade Hub Goes Live
  • Zambia’s Rural Electrification Authority Board Makes Study Visit to Namibia to Observe Clean Energy Installations

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In this edition:
  • Trade Hub Hosts AGOA Reception at Botswana Embassy in DC
  • Trade Hub Sponsors Successful Farmer Training Program at Agritech Expo in Zambia
  • Gender Integration in Value Chain to Increase Quality of Soy and Groundnuts
  • Trade Hub Supports Development of Clean Energy in Zambia
  • National Enquiry Point Re-Launches in Zambia

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In this edition:
  • Trade Hub Trains 45 on Aflatoxin Mitigation in Mozambique
  • REFIT Policy Validation in Zambia
  • Standards Writing Workshops in Malawi and Lesotho
  • Coordinated Border Management Workshop in Botswana
  • Results from MAGIC Trade Show for Lesotho Apparel Company

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In this edition:
  • Making Magic for Southern African Companies in the US
  • Maize Seed for Swaziland
  • Success of Coordinated Border Management Assessed in Malawi
  • Creating a Training Program for Regional Energy Regulators
  • Capacity Building for Botswana Businesswomen

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