REFIT Policy Validation Workshop Zambia

REFIT Policy Validation Workshop Zambia

Lusaka, Zambia: USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub has been working closely with Zambia’s Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development at the Department of Energy to develop a Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff (REFIT) Policy for the country, which will enable the government to buy renewable energy from producers at pre-determined prices. A successful REFIT policy will help reduce price volatility and increase renewable energy uptake in Zambia.

On March 17, a REFIT Policy Validation Workshop in Lusaka will provide a platform for key stakeholders to contribute to the finalization of the REFIT draft policy document. After the draft policy is presented to workshop attendees, USAID will seek inputs from stakeholders including the Energy Regulation Board (ERB), Zambia’s energy utility ZESCO, the Rural Electrification Authority, NGOs, academia, donors, and the private sector. The REFIT Policy development in Zambia has been designed to be a transparent and streamlined process open to all potential participants.

The workshop is also designed to launch the next phase of REFIT development, which will determine a pricing mechanism and regulatory framework. A session on the gender implications of renewable energy will also be presented during the workshop.

“This country requires innovative energy solutions to ensure that all our people have access to modern forms of energy,” explains Minister of Mines, Energy, and Water Development Christopher Yaluma. “In addition, renewable energy development has the potential to contribute to increased access to clean energy, job creation, economic growth, food security and poverty reduction among others.”

REFIT is one of the most prominent economic policies promoting renewable energy technologies in the power sector. No other mechanism has promoted such an explosive growth in renewable energy in the world.

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