Partnership AwardUSAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub has been awarded the Partnership of the Year Award by the USAID Center for Transformational Partnerships for its work with COMACO in Zambia.

COMACO’s “It’s Wild!” brand of food products uses all natural raw ingredients produced by a large network of smallholder farmers. The farmers are paid a premium price for their crops as a reward for adopting sustainable agricultural practices to conserve and restore ecosystems and wildlife.

Through a Strategic Partnership Grant, the Trade Hub provided COMACO with new equipment to enhance the efficiency and output of the “It’s Wild” brand peanut butter production. COMACO has increased peanut butter output threefold since the addition of the new processing equipment – allowing it to respond to demand in the local and regional markets.

The Trade Hub is also supporting COMACO to achieve Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliant status for its peanut butter production to allow it to access regional export markets.

Photo: USAID Southern Africa Private Sector Specialist and Field Investment Officer Allan Hackner receives the award on behalf of USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub from co-hosts Chris Jurgens, Head of Global Partnerships, and Kathy Hunt, Senior Partnerships Alliance Officer


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