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AGOA Country Strategy Zambia
The Government of the Republic of Zambia remains committed to creating an enabling business environment to promote inclusive growth and industrialization, value addition and diversification of the Zambian economy. It is in this regard that the National African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) Response Strategy, 2018-2025 and Work Plan has been prepared as one of the tools that the Government will use to not only assist policy makers in their day to day planning and evaluation of Zambia’s utilization of preferences under AGOA but also to assist the private sector to create business linkages and enhance their capacity to export value added, quality products into the US and regional markets.
Zambia has barely utilized the preferential market access opportunities under the AGOA Trade Preference Program in the past due to among other factors, lack of awareness of existing opportunities in various States of America and the preferences of consumers, limited quantities produced for exports, inability to meet product requirements for the US market and logistical costs. It is against this background that this Response Strategy w