Victor Mundembe, Manager, Metrology at the Namibian Standards InstitutionOn December 15, 2015, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub collaborated with the Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) to organize a workshop on “Liquid Measuring Devices Subject to Legal Metrology Control” in Windhoek, Namibia. The workshop was part of the assistance that NSI requested from the Trade Hub during a needs assessment meeting in October 2015.

Legal metrology is the application of legal requirements to measurements and measuring instruments. The objective of the one-day workshop was to create stakeholder awareness on the importance of trade metrology, instruments verification and ability to conduct type approvals, as well as to enhance private sector participation in the standardization process.

The workshop covered relevant standards and regulations, key metrology terminology, repair of measuring instruments, metrology legislation, testing and verification of liquid fuel devices and meters, type evaluation and approval, and a country-wide verification work plan for the year 2016.

The workshop was attended by stakeholders representing major fuel distribution companies (Puma, Total, Engen), other private companies, and NSI officers. Ralph Hofelein represented USAID/Namibia at the workshop, which was also attended by the Trade Hub’s Trade Facilitation representative in Namibia, Daniel Melkin, who presented an overview on the Trade Hub’s trade facilitation work in Namibia and the SADC region.

Photo: Victor Mundembe, Manager, Metrology at the Namibian Standards Institution

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