Standards Guide During the week of February 1, 2016, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub assisted the Swaziland Standards Authority (SWASA) to develop and print copies of the “Guide for the Referencing of Standards in Regulations in Swaziland” for distribution to various government and private sector agencies.

The guide will help reinforce adoption of international best practices on referencing standards in technical regulations, which will result in enhanced effectiveness of the standards development process in Swaziland; effective implementation of the WTO Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Agreement in the country; increased general awareness; strengthening of the legal and regulatory framework for standards; and an effective process for legislating standards in the country.

The Trade Hub also supported Swaziland to develop a booklet on Technical Regulations in Swaziland that is expected to be published soon.

Photo: Five hundred copies of the Guide were printed and are being distributed to various government and private sector agencies

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