The Las Vegas Convention Center hosts MAGIC, the largest fashion trade show in the worldDuring the week of January 15, 2016, USAID’S Southern Africa Trade Hub had a follow-up coordination call with USAID project MSTAS as well as the West and East Africa Trade Hubs to discuss the status of action items related to the upcoming MAGIC Las Vegas textile, apparel, and footwear trade show. 

In February 2016, USAID will again support a number of companies from Southern Africa to attend MAGIC Las Vegas in the integrated “Sourcing Africa Pavilion” where textile and apparel companies from Southern, East, and West Africa will jointly exhibit.

The USAID East Africa Trade and Investment Hub (EATIH) is taking the lead in booth procurement, design, and organization supported by MSTAS with inputs from the West (WATIH) and Southern Africa Trade Hubs. Thirty-four booth spaces have been reserved in a strategic corner location in the sourcing pavilion at MAGIC. EATIH expects to send 27 textile and apparel companies to MAGIC with eight companies participating from Southern Africa and five from West Africa. LTE, the organizers of the Source Africa Trade Show in Cape Town scheduled for June 2016, will also participate in the event.

During the planning call, the three Trade Hubs and MSTAS agreed on a unified marketing and outreach approach and the development of collateral marketing materials. A joint thematic tagline will be developed and agreed upon by the three Trade Hubs along with a series of outreach messages. The communications teams from East, West, and Southern African Hubs will hold a separate discussion regarding the process as well as roles and responsibilities to design a brochure, exhibitor directory, and roll-up banners for the African Pavilion.

Photo: The Las Vegas Convention Center hosts MAGIC, the largest fashion trade show in the world

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