Cape Mohair USAID is organizing an integrated “Sourcing Africa Pavilion” at MAGIC Las Vegas 2016 for textile and apparel companies from Southern, East, and West Africa. A number of leading Lesotho and South African apparel companies have already committed to attend MAGIC.

As part of the recruitment process for the “Sourcing Africa Pavilion” at MAGIC Las Vegas 2016, apparel experts from USAID’s MSTAS project, supported by USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub, traveled to Cape Town and Durban, South Africa, during the week of January 15-22, 2016 to meet with a number of companies interested in exhibiting under the Sourcing Africa moniker including Cape Mohair, Zeitgeist Interactive, TCI, and Cape Union Mart. Cape Mohair and TCI have committed to attend the show.

Photo: Cape Mohair ( is the largest manufacturer of mohair socks and blankets in the world. The company seeks to expand its US business and access to international markets through participation in MAGIC

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