magicWith input from the communications teams from USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub, East Africa Trade and Investment Hub, and West Africa Trade and Investment Hub, a company directory and pull-up banners featuring the Africa Advantage branding were designed and produced for MAGIC Las Vegas which took place from February 15-18, 2016.

Equipped with this marketing material, dozens of African apparel manufacturers, along with the Lesotho National Development Corporation and LTE (Leaders in Trade Exhibitions, the organizers of Source Africa in Cape Town), promoted the advantages of buying from Africa to thousands of potential customers and sourcing agents in attendance at MAGIC Las Vegas, the world’s largest textile, apparel and footwear trade show.

The “Africa Advantage” includes companies offering duty-free savings of up to 35 percent under the U.S. African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) in addition to responsible, safe working environments. MAGIC gives a platform to thousands of brands and retailers from over 40 countries to network and to source production directly from factories around the globe.

This year, the Africa Pavilion featured 40 companies from East, Southern, and West Africa—including six from South Africa and Lesotho—that produce a broad range of apparel and accessories, from standard knit and woven fabric to high-end fashion and specialty items. The six Southern African companies exhibiting at MAGIC – Cape Mohair, Luqy Manufacturing Ltd., Mabeoana Craft, Mauri Garments, TCI Apparel, and Wear South Africa – seek to access or expand exports to the US and international markets.

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