NSW Communications Strategy for BotswanaThe USAID Southern Africa Trade Hub is conducting a stakeholder engagement and communications audit in Botswana that will result in a communications strategy for National Single Window (NSW). The strategy will build support for NSW and promote awareness of this initiative, which the Government of Botswana adopted earlier this year.

To conduct the audit, the Trade Hub is meeting with key stakeholders inside and outside government to develop messages, identify channels to reach audiences, and assess existing communications tools (websites, broadcast material, print publications, and public outreach efforts). The approach and content of the public awareness strategy will emerge directly from this exercise.

Botswana Customs is a primary target audience for the awareness raising campaign, followed by other affected trade-related government departments. While the government is the key decision-maker regarding NSW, support and advocacy from the private sector to promote the speedy adoption and implementation of NSW is also crucial. The private sector, in particular private trading and logistics firms, thus comprises the other main audience.

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