Trade Hub at WCO Customs IT ConferenceUSAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub presented at the World Customs Organization’s IT Conference and Exhibition May 6-8 in Freeport, Bahamas on the topic “Efficient Transit Solutions for Reducing Costs of Trading.” The three-day conference and exhibition addressed the use of modern information and communications technology to help countries connect to global and regional value chains.

The Trade Hub also sponsored four delegates to the conference: the Commissioners of Customs for Namibia, Botswana, and Malawi, and a delegate representing the TIFI (Trade, Industry, Finance, and Investment) Directorate. The delegates obtained detailed information from private sector technology providers as they prepare to make decisions about National Single Window technology solutions.

The conference brought together key partners from customs administrations, relevant agencies and ministries, regional economic communities, the private sector, international organizations, development partners, and academia.

Effective and efficient border management requires connectivity among all relevant stakeholders on national, bilateral, regional, and global levels. Customs administrations around the world have realized the benefits of enhanced cooperation with other governmental agencies and are striving for collaboration in carrying out everyday operational tasks. IT solutions are a crucial factor in achieving this goal.

The conference emphasized the ways information technologies can be used in trade facilitation to support economic growth and mitigate emerging threats. The Trade Hub’s presentation was well received by delegates and provided an effective synopsis of the Trade Hub’s activities in southern Africa.

Photo: Trade Hub Director of Trade Facilitation Brian Glancy addresses the WCO Conference on reducing the cost of trade with efficient transit solutions

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