SADC logoUSAID's Southern Africa Trade Hub met with Southern African Development Community (SADC) representatives in Gaborone to discuss ongoing technical assistance to SADC in their desire to design and develop a regional Trade Portal for SADC.

 As a result of these discussions, a SADC representative will be attending the July 22, 2015, launch of the Namibia Trade Portal in order to develop its own case study analysis of Trade Portal designs in Southern Africa.In May 2012, the Trade Hub received funding through USAID’s Partnership for Trade Facilitation (PTF) to support Namibia’s Ministry of Finance in the development of a Trade Repository website that meets the WTO Internet Publication standards and provide an online portal for the publication of comprehensive information on customs and trade-related procedures. The Trade Hub has been supporting a multi-agency project team and local Namibian experts in the design and development of the portal.

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