World Customs Organization (WCO) seminar in Malawi.This week the SA Trade Hub Single Window Advisor and short-term consultant Karen Henderson visited the Malawi Revenue Authority, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Pharmacies, Medicines and Poisons Board, the Malawi Investment and Trade Centre, the Reserve Bank of Malawi, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Malawi Bureau of Standards, the Malawi Police Service and the National Statistics Office to meet and discuss document and data collection and harmonization.

 Following Ms. Henderson’s review and assessment, an inception report will be produced providing an overview of the documentation collected and analyzed for mapping to fit the WCO Data Model, the international standard for customs and cross-border agencies data sets. Based on recommendations included the inception report, departments will be identified for further training and capacity building to move toward WCO Data Model adoption.

Photo: World Customs Organization (WCO) seminar in Malawi.

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