Comprehensive TF Program Delivered to SADCOn September 10, 2015, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub submitted the final version of the Comprehensive Trade Facilitation Programme (CTFP) document to SADC officials. This version of the CTFP incorporates changes that were made as a result of the inputs received from Member State representatives at the CTFP Workshop held in Johannesburg from September 1-3, 2015.

The submission is a major milestone for the Trade Hub after nearly eight months of designing and developing the CTFP to meet SADC Member State requirements.

The CTFP outlines a harmonized approach to trade facilitation for SADC’s Member States to use as a blueprint to help meet the recommendations of the WTO’s Agreement on Trade Facilitation and other trade guidelines. The document covers 27 trade-related activities such as National Single Window and Trade Information Portals. It is expected that final approval for the CTFP will be obtained at the SADC Ministers' Meeting in November 2015, paving the way for SADC to implement the CTFP over the next five years.

Photo: USAID Southern Africa Officials at the CTFP Workshop in Johannesburg in early September, which laid the groundwork for this week’s submission of the final document to SADC


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