Trade Hub experts Rae Blumberg and Joyce Malaba USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub is undertaking cross-border gender assessments in SADC countries this month composed of field research at three important border crossing areas: the Mwanza border in Malawi, the Nakonde border in Zambia, and the Kazungula border in Botswana. 

International and local gender experts are performing an assessment of the constraints, challenges, and opportunities experienced by women involved in informal cross border trade.

From February 8-12, 2016, Trade Hub gender consultants conducted interviews with border agents from various government agencies, interviewed a variety of economic actors on the border (shopkeepers, truck drivers, money changers, food providers, informal traders), and held focus groups with informal cross border traders around the Kazungula border in Botswana.

The assessment is designed to promote better understanding of the issues women informal cross border traders face in doing business and interacting with officials at border crossings. The Trade Hub will utilize the information gathered and the assessment to create learning and information dissemination tools, training recommendations, communications fact sheets for women informal cross border traders, and a short video highlighting the need for broader sensitization and understanding of the unique challenges they face.

Photo: Trade Hub experts Rae Blumberg and Joyce Malaba interview a government official at the Kazungula border crossing, Botswana

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