NSWOn February 16, 2016, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub supported the Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) to host a one-day workshop on Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments (NAWIs) subject to Legal Metrology control in Windhoek, Namibia. 

The workshop, the third and final in a series of workshops supported by the Trade Hub to raise awareness on the regulations of the Trade Metrology Act, explained the roles of the Trade Hub and NSI, discussed other imminent Namibian Standards on Weighing Instruments, stakeholder roles, and verification work program for 2016.

The participants were drawn from NSI Legal Metrology departments, registered technicians, scale companies, owners/users of NAWIs (e.g. livestock auctioneers), and suppliers of NAWIs.

Photo: Daniel Melkin, the Trade Hub’s National Single Window Advisor based in Namibia, presented on the Trade Hub’s activities in Namibia and the region

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