Through a Strategic Partnership Grant, USAID's Southern Africa Trade Hub is helping to improve peanut butter production and to conserve wildlife through groundnut cultivation with smallholder farmers in Zambia.
COMACO’s “It’s Wild!” brand of food products uses all natural raw ingredients produced sustainably in Zambia by a large network of farmers supported by COMACO. The small-scale farmers who produce the raw ingredients for “It`s Wild!” products are paid a premium price for their crops while adopting sustainable agricultural practices to conserve and restore ecosystems and wildlife. 
Through a USAID/Feed-the-Future-funded Strategic Partnership Grant, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub partnered with South African firm Ammtech to provide COMACO with new thrashing, drying, and bottling equipment to enhance the efficiency and output of the “It’s Wild” brand peanut butter production. COMACO has increased peanut butter output threefold since the addition of the new 250kg per hour processing equipment. 
The Trade Hub is also supporting COMACO to achieve Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliant status for its peanut butter production, an important factor for the brand to access regional export markets.
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