USAID's Southern Africa Trade Hub has implemented various strategic activities in Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia to combat aflatoxin, improve the safety of groundnuts and groundnut products for domestic consumption, and increase the competitiveness of groundnuts in export markets. 
Interventions include investments made through strategic partnership grants and technical assistance to increase local capacity to produce aflatoxin-compliant fortified foods for local and regional markets. Laboratories in Mozambique and Zambia were upgraded for aflatoxin testing through grants to Intertek and Deltamune, respectively.
The Trade Hub also promoted the use of a simplified and flexible sampling and testing kit for aflatoxin, the “Blue Box” tool kit, to facilitate on-farm and in-storage testing. The Trade Hub supported awareness campaigns, in-shell trading models, aflatoxin management workshops, and trainings for farmers in simple technologies such as color sorting for the removal of contaminated nuts.
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