As part of a Strategic Partnership Grant with USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub, Cargill has partnered with Empresa de Comercialização Agrícola Ltd (ECA) in Mozambique to create market linkages for smallholder farmers living in rural Africa.
Farmers in Mozambique, particularly smallholders, have limited access to markets and face many barriers to improving their incomes and livelihoods, due to infrastructural constraints and a history of conflict. 
Cargill aims to provide a reliable option for farmers to sell their crops and receive immediate payment at transparent, fair market prices. Through a network of buying stations, Cargill will be able to collect and store the maize and/or soybean crop, providing the farmers in the areas with a local market and guaranteeing a reliable supply of maize for the ECA Maize Milling plant that brings maize meal into the local retail market.
(Portuguese Subtitles) USAID Grant Supports Better Crop Prices for Smallholder Farmers in Mozambique