Environmental degradation and soil loss is responsible for reducing productivity and yields of staple foods in the Manica province of Mozambique. 
Solidaridad aims to restore soil fertility in the Guro, Machize, Mossourize, Tambara, and Brue districts in Manica through crop rotation, introducing soy and groundnuts as rotational crops that also have economic value for household and economic use. The districts targeted are characterized by inadequate diets within the local population, but improving the quality and volume of staple crops through rotation is expected to help. 
Through this grant, USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub is working with Solidaridad, a development NGO with a base in Chimoio, Mozambique. Solidaridad is working with farming groups to promote crop rotation, increase seed multiplication, and introduce crops that can provide subsistence to the community as well as be sold for profit. The grant is supporting Solidaridad to improve soil structure and nutrition by rotating cotton and maize crops with groundnuts and soy, which will increase productivity and nutrition.
(Portuguese Subtitles) USAID Grant Increases Farmer Incomes and Improves Nutrition in Mozambique