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Change Management Training Prepares Countries for National Single WindowUSAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub hosted Change Management training for senior managers from government and parastatal organizations from April 28-30, 2015, in Swakopmund, Namibia. The training provided future members of the Single Window Technical Committee with a common understanding of effective change management strategy and how it will help to ensure smooth implementation of the National Single Window (NSW) program in Namibia.

An NSW will allow parties involved in trade and transport to submit all trade-related documents via a single electronic entry point to reduce the time and cost of trade.The three-day seminar provided participants with a thorough overview of the NSW concept, a detailed study of Change Management principles, and how those principles should be applied to enact the significant institutional and procedural changes required for NSW implementation. Comparisons were drawn against existing successful Single Window implementations, highlighting similarities in context and organizational structure

Similar training sessions were held in Malawi from May 19-21 and in Botswana from May 26-28. The Botswana participants identified the segment on mitigating fear of change when modernizing government border clearance services as being of particular interest. It will now be the responsibility of government and the private sector to ensure that the technical assistance is fully utilized through appointment of “change agents” to the Steering and Technical Committees that will oversee the development of National Single Window. 

Photo: Change Management Training Prepares Countries for National Single Window


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