The USAID Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub (the Hub) is the one-stop shop in the Southern African region for businesses and national governments seeking to take advantage of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). The Hub supports countries in Southern Africa to increase their exports to the U.S. through AGOA.

Since 2010, the Hub has facilitated over $40 million worth of AGOA exports from Southern Africa to the U.S.

In collaboration with key institutions, the Hub develops and tailors trade enhancing activities to specific countries and sectors, as informed by national AGOA strategies. It also identifies and works with private sector associations and companies to foster impactful trade and investment in the region.

The Hub focuses its support in the following areas:

  • Country-level strategy development and implementation;
  • Market-linkages support;
  • Firm-level technical assistance; and
  • Information dissemination and training.
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  pdf Hub's AGOA Frequently asked Questions & Answers (676 KB)
  Hub's AGOA Step by Step Guide
  FDA News, Regulatory Updates (USAID)
  Checklist – Exporting Food and Beverages to the USA (USAID)
  pdf AGOA Country Strategy Botswana (2.14 MB)
  pdf AGOA Country Strategy Mozambique - in English (1.61 MB)
  pdf AGOA Country Strategy Zambia (5.63 MB)
  pdf AGOA Country Strategy Malawi (1.40 MB)
Support national AGOA strategy/action plan development

The recent extension of the AGOA legislation until 2025 calls for all AGOA-eligible countries to develop National AGOA Strategies. The Hub is providing technical support to governments to develop national AGOA strategies and implementation of action plans. The strategy documents constitute road maps for countries to maximize their utilization of the benefits provided by AGOA. AGOA strategies are a crucial tool to allow countries to target key sectors and product categories for focus and support to increase trade with the U.S.

The Hub has facilitated the development of the Botswana AGOA strategy.

Activities are ongoing to support Zambia, Malawi, Swaziland, Lesotho and Swaziland to launch and implement strategies.
The Hub will continue providing support to the Ministries of Trade to assist in the implementation of the AGOA strategies.

Trade shows, buyer missions and B2B forums

The Hub promotes direct business linkages by proactively organizing and supporting business to business events, trade shows, and buyer missions.

The Hub aims to increase the export volumes of individual firms by linking them with importers in foreign markets. The collective outcomes are reflected in Hub-facilitated trade. Trade shows, buyer missions and B2B events increase regional exports and international exports. They also build economies of scale and create a foundation for integrated global supply chains.


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