Grain Storage TrainingThrough its Strategic Partnership Grant with Sierk Ybema Grain Services, USAID's Southern Africa Trade Hub supported a Regional Mobile Grain Training Unit Training Course in Lilongwe, Malawi from March 23 to April 2. The course was held at ACE (Agricultural Commodity Exchange) Malawi and was designed to equip newly hired warehouse managers with the technical knowledge and practical techniques needed to run effective warehouses and combat post-harvest losses.

Thirty new ACE warehouse managers (of which ten were women) were trained on four modules: Basic Concepts, Maize Grading, Soybean Grading, and Warehouse Management & Basic Pest Control. Certified warehouses with well-trained managers are a requirement of the Warehouse Receipts System supported by the Trade Hub that is increasing farmer incomes by accepting certified warehouse receipts as collateral for finance. The comprehensive course included both hands-on and lecture training, and was conducted by expert Dr. Jan Ybema, who has led numerous grain management courses for the Trade Hub. Future trainings are scheduled for May and June 2015 in Mozambique.


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