Groundnut processors hard at work at Afri-nut, Lilongwe Industrial Zone, MalawiAs part of its ongoing Aflatoxin mitigation initiatives, the SA Trade Hub recently held a training on the “Safe Disposal of Contaminated (Aflatoxin) Groundnuts,” in the premises of Afri-Nut, a partner food processor in Lilongwe, Malawi.

More than 20 attendees were introduced to new methods to safely dispose of Aflatoxin contaminated material and how to safely process residue (“cake”) possessing high levels of Aflatoxin contamination.

Participants at the training were drawn from Valid Nutrition, a recipient of a USAID Strategic Partnership Grant (SPG) for the production and marketing of peanut-based fortified foods for the under- and malnourished. Also in attendance were representatives from Afri-nut Processing, NASFAM (the National Association of Smallholder Farmers of Malawi), CADECOM, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health, and Food Safety Inspectors from the Ministry of Health.

International Aflatoxin consultants from Benin and Germany presented the common sources of contamination, how to manage and mitigate contamination, and safe disposal of contaminated material in an environmentally friendly manner. Of particular interest were alternate uses of contaminated material such as the production of peanut oil. The training workshop was also designed to ensure Valid Nutrition and its local suppliers improve environmental compliance and safety and continue to meet with USAID's Environmental Regulations, and local environment, safety and health regulations.

Photo: Groundnut processors hard at work at Afri-nut, Lilongwe Industrial Zone, Malawi



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