AMSCO and the Trade Hub have teamed up to develop the Agricultural Storage Investment Fund (ASIF) to assist thousands of smallholder farmers with modern storage facilities financed through the ASIF facility.
The Trade Hub has promoted the Agricultural Storage Investment Fund (ASIF) with the launch of a stakeholder consultation and strategic review of agri-marketing in Malawi in 2013. The consultative approach to warehouse-based solutions was undertaken in cooperation with the Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa (ACE) and identified a financing bottleneck for the construction of warehouses to serve agricultural value chains. This bottleneck is particularly acute in rural areas.

Investment in a warehouse can be highly catalytic – not just bringing direct commercial benefit to the beneficiary, but also yielding higher food security, driving value chain efficiency, unlocking financing for the value chain and stimulating inclusive access to markets. Following a well-attended and successful ASIF conference in Johannesburg in September 2014, the Trade Hub and AMSCO are now facilitating the process of taking ASIF Malawi to market. If fully subscribed, the fund may total US$40 million.


AMSCO was established to manage the African Training and Management Services (ATMS) Project, a regional project of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), executed through the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and coordinated regionally through the African Development Bank (AfDB). As manager of the ATMS Project, AMSCO's primary objective is to assist African companies and projects to become globally competitive, profitable and sustainable through provision of professional management and related services such as technical assistance coordination, capacity-development and monitoring and evaluation services.

The Trade Hub met the Chief Executive Officer and Management Director of the African Management Services Company (AMSCO), Paul Malherbe (second left) and AMSCO's Strategy Consultant, Ville Luukkanen to discuss the ASIF.

The Trade Hub initially contacted AMSCO to discuss resourcing and capacity development of farmers. This has broadened into a wider and successful partnership, with AMSCO being well positioned to act alongside the Trade Hub as a co-facilitator of the fund.

The CEO of AMSCO commented that initiatives such as ASIF were exciting opportunities to make a real difference in the region to food security and the livelihoods of thousands of smallholder farmers and signaled the readiness of the AMSCO team to play a full and active role in realizing the ASIF vision in close coordination with the USAID Southern Africa Trade Hub.

On the Photo: The Trade Hub met with the Chief Executive Officer and Management Director of the African Management Services Company (AMSCO), Paul Malherbe and AMSCO's Strategy Consultant, Ville Luukkanen in Johannesburg, South Africa in November 2014 to discuss the Agricultural Storage Investment Fund (ASIF) program.


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